The most profitable firms are those that continuously measure, assess, and improve all aspects of their operations.  In short, the most successful firms understand the big picture.
We enable our clients to focus on the big picture, keeping an eye towards long-term positioning while taking advantage of near-term gains
            Tom Burmeister
                      Profit Miners 
    Opportunity~Strategy~Growth sm
This simple yet powerful phrase describes our guiding philosophy.

Think of it as a divining rod for cash.  You get your hands on opportunity and strategy, and you get pointed towards growth.  We’ve been working with these three words for years.  And we’re willing to show you how to use them.

We are in the business of discreetly helping clients identify and take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.  When such opportunities are uncovered, we develop an appropriate strategy to maximize the potential gain with respect to each client’s unique goals and objectives.
Simply put, we find the cash that is hiding throughout your business, cash that you don’t know about, and give it to you.  You then give some of it to us, so we can both feel good.


Our clients typically see direct bottom line increases from 20% to 40% or more.

Improvements in productivity, lead times, quality, direct and indirect cost reductions, space utilization, and customer satisfaction of 30% to 80% are common.
And we do it with no negative impact on your cash flow.
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    Increase efficiencies       Increase profits through
     and reduce energy       Energy conservation and
      costs with PRIME        waste stream management  
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How can we help you? 
  • Are your revenues down?

  • Have your profit margins eroded?

  • Is your cash flow slow or inconsistent?

  • Are your "fixed" costs getting out of hand?

  • Are you consistently expediting orders?

  • Is your quality inconsistent?

  • Are you in need of operating capital?

  • Are your customers unhappy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss how Profit Miners can help you.
      Invest in your future - call us today.
                                    (203) 284-8880
"  Tom Burmeister and Profit Miners provide something unusual these days - simple common sense.  I would highly recommend Tom and Profit Miners and their services. "
                                                  John G. - Plant Manager*
                                                          Small Arms Industry
"  Profit Miners has helped our clients reduce costs and increase profitability.  Tom Burmeister uses his years of experience and extensive resources to help businesses improve their operations.  I would recommend Profit Miners to any business owner. " 
                                                              Bonnie H., CPA*
                                                              Accounting Firm
"  Tom helped us fund and implement our new ERP system, enabling us to better manage our production, inventory, scheduling, and accounting functions.  I would recommend Profit Miners to anyone that is trying to get better control of their business operations. "
                                       Jeffrey P. - Assistant Controller*
                                              Telecom / Avionics Industry
* Reference contact info available on request                
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